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We prioritize the well-being of our guests. We are closely following guidelines of the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health authorities.

For more information, refer to the CDC or your local health organization.

We are taking actions including:

Increasing the disinfecting efforts for our “high-touch” surfaces such as
keyboards, elevator buttons, door handles and telephones.

Continuing to monitor the guidelines from the CDC, WHO, local health authorities.

Implementing social distancing recommendations in public areas.

“One-time” usage of room keycards.

Usage of a “sneeze guard” between our guest services associates and our guests.

Temporarily suspending amenities such as, breakfast, pool, bar, and fitness center.

Suspending daily housekeeping of guest rooms for those staying multiple nights
to reduce human contact and possible exposure for both our guests and staff –
guests may still request a cleaning service or additional amenities, linens, etc. 
Housekeeping service will ONLY be provided on the third day of staying and the guest may not be in the room while the room is being serviced/cleaned. The hotel staff reserves the right to enter and inspect each guest room for safety, security, housekeeping, and maintenance purposes at least once every 24 hours.


Please contact us at (925) 443-4950 or with any questions or concerns.